How to configure and play games with PCSXR

Here you will find a simple step by step guide to help you install configure and play on with PCSXR a PlayStation 1 emulator.

  1. Download PCSXR here and install it.(just click next next next) it will install in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSXR' and create a shortcut on your desktop.
  2. Now Download the PS1 Bios here and install it. (Don't change anything just keep all on default) it will install the PS1 Bios in the same folder as PCSXR.
  3. Double click on "PCSXR.exe - Shortcut" located on your desktop, now a configure window will pop-up similar to this.
  4. Click on "Set Bios Directory" and navigate to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSXR' And select the bios map and click OK.
  5. Now you are back at the configuration window again, you can now click 'OK' and the emulator will start.
  6. All you have to do now it load a game from .ISO or CD By going to 'File>Run CD' or 'File>Run ISO...' and select the rom(game) you want to play.
  7. Done!

Tip: If you don't like the full-screen pixelated look, then you can click in the menu on "Configure" and edit the graphic settings to make it "windowed mode" like this the screen will be smaller but look better.