How to Use a PS1 Emulator

If you are looking to bring the fun of PlayStation to your PC, you can now use a PSX emulator. PlayStation games are innovative and exciting, which makes them a favorite pastime for most. Playing your favorite PlayStation games from the comfort of your desktop or laptop is made simple by simply going to You do not have to have a physical copy of a PlayStation game to play it on your PC. Playing games on your computer offers unique gameplay. If you do not have a PlayStation gaming device on hand, you are still in luck with the help of a PlayStation emulator. Now you can sit back with your keyboard or hook up your PC gaming joystick and enjoy your favorite PlayStation games.

Use the Internet

Downloading a PS1 emulator or PSX emulator is as easy as accessing the internet. All you have to do is go online and open your internet browser. Then you simply go to and you have the ability to download the emulator to your PC. The PS1 and PSX emulators are slightly different, so you have to choose the emulator based on the games you are interested in playing. Clicking the download emulator button automatically begins the download to your PC.

Extract Download

Once the download of the PS1 emulator has been completed, you need to extract the download. This is done by right clicking on the file that has just been downloaded and then choosing the “Extract To” prompt. Make sure that you select a location for the emulator to be extracted to. This is done by entering the address to the PlayStation ROM site. You next have to choose the ROM that you want to play.

Opening the Emulator

The process of opening the PS1 emulator is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is click the file and then choose the open prompt. Once you select open, the game will begin loading. This allows you to play any PlayStation game on your PC without having to use a PlayStation gaming console. Loading the game may take a few minutes, but once the game has been loaded there should be no streaming interruptions in your gameplay. Using an emulator to play your favorite PS games is becoming more and more popular by gaming enthusiasts that have access to their PC and the internet.