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Welcome to Alligator Pie a small fansite made by a big DMB Fan - Christie. Here you can learn about the band, read lyrics and obtain some cool DMB graphics. I wanted to dedicate this site to my favorite band and also to other fans as well. I began this site in 2006 and originally called it "Fall Back Again" but with the releasing of their studio album in 2009, I fell in love with the song "Alligator Pie" and decided to re-name this fansite that instead. I'm personally a huge DMB fan, and have been now for over ten years. I'm the one with the DMB sticker on the car that you see when you're driving and you get excited since you know what it is because you are a DMB fan yourself!

Feel free to personally use any graphics featured here. If you have any DMB art, a DMB tattoo, some photographs from concerts you'd like to share, please send it my way! I'd love to have a section dedicated to DMB art if fans are willing to help provide it. It can be any kind of art, ANY medium, it can be old or new art. As long as it is DMB related, it can be shown here! Credit is always given to content providers, and a link to your own website will be posted as well. My email is christie[at]girloncanvas.com. Share with my anything you think other DMB fans would enjoy seeing. Thank you!!

UPDATES: July 2011 - Added bigger wallpapers! I know most people are using larger screens now so bigger wallpapers are a must! If you have a dmb wallpaper you've created and you'd like to submit it please email me

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DMB fansite created by a fan for the fans www.crush-me.net & www.girloncanvas.com 2006-2011